What Is An Inmate Pen Pal


You should be aware about the number of websites that can provide you with jail pen pal if you are thinking about having one. These websites will grant you a list of all the prisoners that are available and they will be grouped by gender. The location of each prisoner and some other details will also be listed in these websites. You can learn more over at penacon.com.

You should take note that there are a lot of factors on why there are some people who would try to get in contact with some people in jail or jail pen pal. Some of these people would have jail pen pals because they want to avoid the loneliness and they want to share their feelings to another person, and they also want to relieve some stress at the same time. Another reason why people have jail pen pals is for them to know what the life of a person is inside a prison cell or behind bars. Some might just want to know how these prisoners did the crime they were accused of. There are also a few who would aim to change the life of a prisoner. Give this a click to learn more.

It is important that you always be ware of the important factors before you get a jail pen pal. All the mails that will enter a prison or jail will always be checked in the mailroom of these facilities. These letters will be completely read by the officials of the prison or jail in order to make sure that the sender is not teaming up with the prisoner to violence, or drugs, or even plan for an escape. There are rules in jail pen pals, one of them is to not give the prisoner all the details about yourself. You should take note that your jail pen pal still has friends outside the prison and that would be something that you should avoid. If you provide a lot of details about yourself to your jail pen pal, there might be a big chance that their friends outside the prison would try to do you harm. The best thing that you can do is to give a different address on where the jail pen pal can send his or her reply in order no to give in your real address.. This is considered as a safe way to get the correspondence.

You should be extra cautious since these prisoners are all expert in scams and trickery. You should be very careful when you correspond to these jail pen pals because they will always try to trick you into sending some cash and that is one thing that you should be avoiding. You would not want that kind of relationship with a jail pen pal so you should always avoid getting tricked by these prisoners. Here are some tips with a prisoner pen-pal: https://youtu.be/4WLooG4kIT0


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